I found a process that works for me. It was a wierd little journey to get to that point, and I did a lot of experimenting. And yet, I can’t help it when I get to some new projects, to want to try something completely off the cuff. And then the results, I’m ultimately unhappy with. Experimentation and figuring out new things is a part of being an artist. It’s a lot like chemistry, if I had to compare it to something. I sit in the lab and try to concoct a new way to express myself. Even though I already have a way to express my ideas, I might find something new that excites me. I’d say 80% of the time results in total failure. I have an office littered with pieces of completely destroyed works, but I can’t bare to throw them out. They have a strange little piece of my heart, and I just can’t let em go.


So this is a Hellboy piece I’m working on, just for funzies! Its on a piece of scrap crescent board and I’m toning it with ink washes. I’m then gonna bring out some lights with colored pencil. It’s not for anybody but me, and maybe I’ll gift it to a friend or relative if they absolutely have to have it. I’m in no rush to finish this, just a little jam piece I pull out from time to time, in between my school assignments. 



Started coloring page 8 of Doris and noticed this ugly little tangent!! Talk about frustrating! It’s crazy how you don’t notice those things when your putting things together. It’s not a difficult fix, but it mocks me, and I hate it.

Until next time errybody, ✌🏾! 


And so begins a new year. 2017 was a year of great personal accomplishment. I finished the preview issue of my comic book "Doris," tabled at some events, and got to meet some great and fantastic folks along the way. I think my biggest take away from 2017 was, I finished it. Now, if that seems like I'm running around tooting my own horn, simply for doing the same thing that everybody reading this post ( or any post for that matter) did anyway, trust me when i say, I am. I AM tooting my own horn! I experience ups and downs just like everybody else, but its hard to see past your own personal version of hell, and for 2017, I surely was riding a John Deere tractor cutting the grass for the devil, as he sat by the bay window, sipping a mint julep and screaming "ya missed a spot!" Long winded analogy aside, I finished 2017. 

2017 was filled teaching moments. I took a lot of lessons out of it. And if i'm being perfectly honest, I think i did pretty good. I'm just laying the foundation of what will be a successful career. And at this point I can't ask any more of myself than what I've been doing, and that's working really REALLY HARD! 

So for 2018, I'm looking to continue the work I've been putting in on "Doris". I hope to have the second chapter of "Doris" completed and in book form by April. I'm more than confident i can meet this goal. I've nailed down a process that works for me, for the type of story I'm trying to tell, and at this point its all about the execution.

As far as school goes, I'm excited to finally graduate. When I think about how long it took me to get to this point, i get a little emotional. I laid the seeds for this goal in 2008, and for it to finally come to bare fruit, it really makes me smile. I've heard somewhere that the true measure of a persons character is how they handle adversity. I can honestly say I'm very proud of the character I developed into, and all the experiences that made me into the man I am today. 2018 is gonna be a good year.